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Spy Bluetooth Keychain Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Keychain Earpiece Set
Product Code: SBE-0018
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Price: Rs. 20,000.00 Rs. 12,200.00
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Bluetooth Keychain is latest Device for Hidden communication

This is Bluetooth enabled  Bluetooth Keychain with invisible micro earpiece It is also known as Spy key chain  orBluetooth Spy Key Chain. The main purpose of the bluetooth spy earpiece set is to provide invisible communication over mobile phone. In this year of advancement in spy technology a newer version of product has been launched. Ideal for Interviews, taking tests, making speech at a meeting or negotiations, playing gambling, secrete communications. The Bluetooth set in the Keychain is unnoticeable and the earpiece goes deeper into the ears and makes it completely invisible so that one can have a covert communication with the partner on the other side. All u need to do is just switch on the Bluetooth in the cell phone and press hold the Bluetooth button on the key-chain until 3 sec and pair it with your cell phone and just put on the invisible micro earpiece into the year and your ready to go on spy anywhere & on anyone. Battery backup is 3.5 to 5 hours under standard circumstances. The Bluetooth Spy Key-Chain is rechargeable. All our products comes with 1yr bluetooth warranty (void under special circumstances)

Technical Specifications of HPT Technology Spy Bluetooth Earpiece- Keychain

1.  4.5 watt o/p

2.  38 db high gain microphone

3.  12 db impedence

4.  Distortion free technology

5. Voice stabilizer

6. 3-5 hrs talk time backup

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