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Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set
Product Code: SBE-0009
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Price: Rs. 12,200.00 Rs. 9,200.00
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Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set,Bluetooth Neckloop Shop in Bangalore India

Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Set

Undetectable Ear Piece – Secretly Receive Calls

High Quality Bluetooth Hands Free

Simple to use and setup

Multi-Function Bluetooth device

Complete Communication Kit to help you cheat on tests

How to use the Bluetooth Watch :

How to turn on device: Connect Bluetooth headset, hang around your neck, and put spy device in your ear, receive calls secretly.

Bluetooth Transmitter Earphone with Bluetooth Neck Device Color: Black
Bluetooth version: 2.1
Standard Zinc-air battery: type SONY337
Battery life: 5 hours
Receiving distance: 50-70cm

Package Contents:
1x 306 earpiece
1x Bluetooth device with neck-loop
1x Charger
1x original maxell 337 battery

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